Welcome to PROO  |  people, skills, and contact

About Us

PROO is a platform for telling others who you are, what you do, and what you can offer. You do this by narrating your skills, profession, expertise in the platform so that people interested with your services can reach out to you.

How it works

The platform has a search function where you type a key word. The search returns a result with a list of people with similar key word. The user then selects a person in the search result, views their brief bio, and decides whether to contact them. The user can call the person cell number or leave them a message.

How do I register
  • Visit proo.co.ke
  • Click register button or menu
  • Fill requested details
  • Click Register Now button
  • Check your email for a confirmation (if you cant see the email check junk/spam folder)
  • Login to your proo account, update your profile, congratulation you are done!
  • Wait not more than 24hours for your profile be approved by PROO Team to the front page that is accessible to the public
Benefits of using PROO
  • The platform enhances visibility of your profile
  • Employers spot your profile through search.
  • People get to know what you do.
  • You are able to know whether employers are interested with your services through calls and emails messages you receive.
  • You get new connections and contacts.
  • As an employer you don’t need to login to your office email to contact to a profile listed at PROO.
  • As an employer you can contact a profile listed at PROO anywhere any time even on your mobile phone.
  • You have a list of various profiles at a go.
Who can register?
  • The platform is open to all persons in Kenya and all over the world.
  • Jobseekers, graduates, and professionals are encouraged to register.


Most individual are talented with various skills but many of their potential employers don’t know where to contact them, for this reason PROO came up with a single platform where all can list and share there skills for employers to reach them on a click of a button. Click here to register.